T.R.E.C. (Trustees Reaching Every Community)

Students welcoming TREC visitors onto campus

The 2017-2018 school year will be our fourth year taking community members to tours of our schools via DSUSD school busses. Each year, the program changes a bit to provide new ways of sharing just what happens beyond the gates of our 34 schools. This year we will let the idea of STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math) guide the plan. Each TREC has also been evaluated according to LCAP goals (Local Control and Accountability Plan).

There will be five TRECs, one each built around the categories of a STEAM education. They will not be in order as some opportunities are based on confirmed dates.

S - animal SCIENCE with TREC to County Fair and Indio High School CTE (career technical education) programs based on STEM. (February 15, 2018)

T - TECHNOLOGY TREC will visit Ronald Reagan Elementary School to see how 3rd graders participate in a mini-muster and learn about science and technology. Next stop will be Thomas Jefferson Middle School and their robotics class. (October 12, 2017)

E - aeronautical ENGINEERING students from Shadow Hills High School will meet TREC participants at Bermuda Dunes Airport, then visit Amistad High School automotive academy. (March 14, 2018)

A - ARTS programs provided by community partner McCallum Theatre, featuring a performance of Secret Life of Suitcases. (October 31, 2017)

M - Middle School MATH Field Day will give TREC participants a unique opportunity to see students working on math skills and experience the games for themselves.

Participants have provided great feedback and comments:

“In the 5th grade science class, I asked a student if it would matter if you added more or fewer rocks, and the student looked at me [puzzled] and said the rocks were variables as if I should know. Not one student was out of place or inappropriate; it was running as a well-oiled machine.”

“We got an early introduction to the connection between IB and Common Core, but it all goes back to engaging students. If teachers can challenge them, students will take responsibility for their learning. That is where the strength is and, when they get to the high school, they will be prepared to take advantage of these amazing opportunities.”

“As a retired teacher, I loved the balance I observed. I loved what the middle school did to stretch the instruction. Classrooms without walls and the 5th grade class blew my mind, I would of stayed there forever because of the science. The 1st grade classroom was so balanced, they had walls filled with information... but also had Sponge Bob! It was a gentle balance as if they were at home, as well as in the middle and high schools.” 

Anyone interested in participating is welcome and should contact Mary Perry at mary.perry@desertsands.us.