Desert Sands's Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the Student Assistance Program?

A:  In 1983 when the Board of Education requested the program, it started with a focus on alcohol and other drug prevention and early intervention only, it was called the Chemical Awareness Network or C.A.N.  SAP continues to evolve based on the needs of students and families.  Currently, SAP offers connections to outside agencies, Tier II SAP Counselor Support, Tobacco Cessation Classes, Insight, and other projects and more.

Q: Who does the Student Assistance Program support?

A: Student Assistance Program aims to assist and collaborate with all community partners, students, and families. 

Q: How do I refer a student to S.A.P. ?

A: The first point of contact should always be your School Site Counselor. If the need continues, SAP Counselors are available to consult and assist with your request(s). Contact the school site counselor to discuss the counseling needs for the student. The site counselor will determine the need for either small group counseling, individual counseling or a referral to an outside support agency.

Please use the link (RFA) to request assistance for student concerns related to social-emotional and behavior concerns.

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