Desert Sands's Hayball Receives HERO Award

Hayball Receives HERO Award

Hayball Receives HERO Award
Posted on 06/01/2020
Congratulations Ashley Hayball

On May 15, 2020, Ashley Hayball was recognized as a HERO Award recipient by the Anti-Bullying Institute & Riverside Medical Clinic Charitable Foundation.

Ashley Hayball is a difference maker at her school site; as well as, within the community. Ashley nurtures and challenges her students to grow into caring humans who want to make a difference in life; not only for themselves, but others as well.

Ashley strives daily to empower young minds to be their best self. She recognizes students' differences, and seeks to also show the connectedness at the same time. Ashley guides students to embrace not only who they are, but who their peers are as well. She promotes kindness and positive self-worth; as well as, acceptance and inclusion of others. She recognizes the needs of her students and meets them where they are at; in both tangible and intangible ways. In December 2019, Ashley found out about some tangible needs (warm clothes, shoes that fit, basic hygiene items and even food in some cases) of her students. Ashley rallied her colleagues, friends and community and was able to help approximately 15-20 families. Ashley personally delivered items to these families; often accompanied by family and/or a colleague. Besides these tangible ways Ashley is impacting her students, she also has an ability to penetrate their hearts. Able to hear beyond what is being said, Ashley listens to what her students are saying. She challenges and empowers them to better versions of themselves each day, resulting in a greater understanding of one another in her classroom. Ashley's indirect anti-bullying campaigning is having a direct impact on her students as she brings them to awareness that kindness makes a difference and everyone matters.

More information on the HERO Program

Submitted by Tammie Sue Price, DSUSD Attendance Facilitator

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