Desert Sands's Dan Cappello County Educator of the Year

Dan Cappello County Educator of the Year

Daniel Cappello County Educator of the Year
Posted on 05/04/2022
Dan Cappello Riverside County Classified Administrator of the Year

Daniel believes strongly that children cannot learn if they do not eat and that equity in the cafeteria is just as important as equity in the classroom. This is his fundamental and core belief that forms every decision and every action within nutrition services. Job number one for Daniel and his department is ensuring that children walk through the school gates, grab breakfast, and head to classrooms with their stomachs full and ready to learn.

He created a farm to school program with local farmers when it was becoming more difficult to procure supplies for meals. This helped mitigate potential losses for farms while successfully addressing supply chain issues. He acquired community eligibility for 18 schools which removed barriers for students and provided them access to free lunch. This achievement also reduced student lunch debt by over $100,000.

Daniel is an icon in Desert Sands Unified School District who is known for his professional demeanor and innovative spirit. As the Director of Nutrition Services, Daniel is a team player that sets clear expectations and shows unmatched support for his department to serve healthy, nutritious meals.

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