Desert Sands's Risk Management

Risk Management

The Risk Management Department operates within the Business Services Division, under the direction of the Assistant Superintendent. The department is responsible for effectively managing the District's risk exposures to safeguard its assets and ensure the well-being of its employees.

Areas of Responsibility:

Risk Exposures Management: The Risk Management Department oversees various risk exposures faced by the District, including but not limited to workers' compensation, property, and liability risks. The goal is to implement proactive measures to mitigate potential risks and minimize the impact of any adverse events.

Health and Welfare Plans: In addition to managing risk, the department is responsible for administering the health and welfare plans offered to District employees. We work to ensure our employees receive adequate coverage and support for their well-being.

Claims Management: Risk Management plays a central role in handling property, automobile, and liability claims for the District. We diligently process and manage claims to facilitate fair resolutions and protect the District's interests.

Litigation Coordination: In cases where litigation arises due to property, automobile, or liability claims, the department efficiently coordinates the legal proceedings, aiming for swift resolutions and minimizing any disruptions to the District's operations.

Workers' Compensation Program: The department administers the workers' compensation program, ensuring that employees receive appropriate support and compensation in the event of work-related injuries or illnesses.

Employee Training and Safety: To foster a safe working environment, Risk Management provides comprehensive information and training to employees. This includes education on injury and illness prevention, as well as various topics mandated by Cal OSHA.

Use of Facilities Program: The Risk Management Department also manages the Use of Facilities program, enabling external agencies and organizations to utilize District facilities for meetings and events. By facilitating the responsible use of these spaces, the department enhances community engagement and promotes positive relationships with external stakeholders.

Overall, the Risk Management Department is dedicated to promoting a culture of safety, proactively managing risk, and safeguarding the interests of the District, its employees, students and the community it serves.


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Safety Data Sheets:

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