Desert Sands's Request to Conduct Research

Request to Conduct Research

Thank you for your interest in conducting research in Desert Sands Unified School District (DSUSD). Individuals interested in conducting research in DSUSD must complete an online application. All applicants must be graduate level students.

Please allow a minimum of 14 working days for a preliminary review of the application. Depending on the varying aspects of your research request, whether data is being requested or if additional departments may need to be contacted for approval, the average start-to-finish processing time for research requests ranges from 30 to 60 working days. Please be sure to allow sufficient time for your application. Failure to submit a complete application may cause delays and/or denial of application without further review.

Applications will not be reviewed during the following time periods:

  • First 30 days of school
  • December 15 – January 15
  • Last 30 days of school

Aspects of the application that will be taken into consideration during the evaluation of the research request include methodology, threats to validity or reliability, design, costs/benefits to the district, and site impact. Research guidelines incorporated in our application are designed to protect the confidentiality and welfare of study participants, and to guarantee the integrity and quality of any research conducted in Desert Sands Unified School District. Please be advised that DSUSD Educational Services reserves the right to rescind approval if it is determined that the research no longer complies with the District's mission and/or causes a disruption to the delivery of instruction or services to students, families, or staff. Should this occur, the Principal Investigator will be notified by Educational Services to rescind approval.

District approval of a research request application does NOT denote approval by site administrators. Permission to conduct research at a particular site must be addressed to, and approved by, the site administrator (e.g., principal, director) after the researcher has been approved by Desert Sands Unified School District.

Annual renewal of multi-year studies is required. Therefore, the application process needs to be followed each year for longitudinal studies. The renewal application must reflect any changes with regard to any aspect of the research. There is no automatic assurance of a renewal each year.

Upon completion of the study, an electronic copy of all data analyzed and final report must be furnished to DSUSD Educational Services.


  • Curriculum vitae of the Principal Investigator
  • Research proposal
  • IRB approval letter or (IRB application if not IRB-approved - MUST methods section included)
  • Detailed list of any specific data requested (if applicable)
  • Focus group or interview protocols (if applicable)
  • Grant proposal (if the research is grant funded)
  • Observation protocols (if applicable)
  • Subject recruitment letters (if applicable)

Submit online application

Any questions regarding your Request to Conduct Research Application (e.g., status, submissions, and documents required) should be directed to Dr. David Gustafson, Senior Director, Educational Services, [email protected], 760-771-8627.

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